The birth of a child cannot pass without a purposeful celebration that celebrates life. On that day, everything is in the sign of the little ones, and mom and friends gather and enjoy the company and the multitude of gifts.

The excitement before the birth is growing, and in this way, you will share it with your loved ones. Lots of sweets and drinks, gifts, and countless smiles are the basis of this party. One of the essential issues of these gatherings that bothers all future mothers and pregnant women is what to wear and make it appropriate, comfortable, and beautiful.

You are still in the ninth month of pregnancy about birth. It has just not knocked on the door.

Your body stops looking like itself, and at that moment, the vital question “What to wear” finally got its true meaning. However, if you are pregnant, it still does not mean that you should give up fashion and that the only option is an ultra-extensive wardrobe.

If you are pregnant, that does not mean that fashion is forbidden for you, and that the only criterion when choosing a wardrobe is that these are things you can fit into, far from it.

There are specific fashion rules that will help you keep your fashion style at a desirable level during these nine months.

Don’t be afraid to wear tight clothes

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The most common mistake pregnant women make when it comes to the fashion style of dress is the tendency to choose only XL wardrobe.

Yes, you will undoubtedly gain a certain number of kilograms at your standard weight, but that is still not a reason to wear clothes that hang on you and look like a bag that you just pulled on yourself. This general is neither modern nor feminine, and in no way flatters your figure.

Stylists advise pregnant women to continue wearing a wardrobe that will follow their silhouette. After all, you will surely agree that a plain tight cotton T-shirt with a contoured belly is much prettier than a considerable tunic that completely swallows your figure. So, your favorite skinny jeans are still in circulation.

Combine colors avoid neutral combinations

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To improve your pregnant fashion style, do not dress in too monotonous, i.e., one-color combinations, or those in which only some neutral beige and “nude” tones predominate.
Instead, add a little color to your pregnancy days and choose clothes in bright red, beetroot, yellow, purple, or whatever shades you want.

That way, you will immediately feel more beautiful, in a better mood, and be more satisfied with your appearance.
To improve your pregnant fashion style, do not dress in too monotonous, i.e., one-color combinations, or those in which only some neutral beige and “nude” tones predominate.

Choose clothes with patterns

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When it comes to breaking uniform clothing combinations, let’s not mention patterns as a fashion detail that always makes a difference.

Just imagine how attractive and feminine you can look in a dress with a striking floral pattern, in which your pregnant belly will never look more beautiful! Or, you can always opt for some minimalist variants, such as geometric patterns.

Show your legs

Don’t be afraid to wear dresses above the knee during pregnancy – even when you are in the early months.

Also, feel free to treat yourself to a cleavage, especially if you otherwise have fewer gourds, so now is finally the time to take advantage of the benefits of the blessed state. You will feel sexy and confident.

Or a top cut just below the chest combined with a deep waist skirt – a perfect match for all future moms who do not want to give up their chic fashion style!

Big yes for jewelry

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And finally, like the icing on the cake comes the always adored jewelry. We suggest you choose the bulkier one because the small ones will blend in too much with your pregnant figure. Striking necklaces, large pendants, a bunch of bracelets on you – be imaginative.

Yes, for pants

This piece of clothing is really “inevitable,” even when the woman is pregnant. The moment you can no longer easily button the button on your old jeans, treat yourself to a new one – specially designed for pregnant women, which you will be able to train for all nine months (it will follow the line of your body).

It used to be assumed that a pregnant woman wears only (overalls pants), which are unattractive. Today, there is no need to look like a jack, because it is possible to find classic pants with a belly extension, or shallower cuts. You will still look great, and you will be extremely comfortable.

How to buy within budget

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In order not to overburden your budget, it is necessary to be extremely rational when shopping. Because when the baby arrives, you will need every dollar. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money on a baby shower outfit. Buy smart.

Not for compromises at the expense of one’s style

Don’t give up on what you are. Don’t be afraid of your new figure; it is just an additional plus, not a flaw that needs to be covered up.

There is a good selection of clothes for pregnant women on the market, and I am sure that you will also find what suits you the most. The style of dress is not only a fashion thinking but also the result of our senses. It represents what we feel best in, and that is the essential thing in pregnancy.

The most important rule when it comes to the question of what to wear to a baby shower is that you must follow your heart. You do not need a piece of advice about what to wear; you already know what your favorite fashion item to wear is.

Dear future moms, enjoy your fashion style during your baby shower with your friends and feel beautiful and confident.


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